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To realize the ideals of everyone we are involved with

We want to be your top choice

We want to create smiles on the path to the future

To be a bridge to the future, from Japan to the world

When tomorrow comes, a new future will begin

We want to bring beautiful smiles to all cities and all people





Realizing ideals

Message from the Representative Director of the Rideal Staff Group

In 2012, our company was launched in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, as a specialized trading company working with semiconductors and solar cells.

The first wooden bridge at Nihonbashi was built at the behest of Tokugawa Ieyasu in the Edo period. After that, Nihonbashi flourished as a center of distribution and commerce due to its position as the starting point of the Five Highways radiating from Edo.

By disseminating information from Nihonbashi to Japan, and from Japan to the world, we have won people's confidence and trust, and all our employees are working hard so we can improve as a company.

Rideal Staff Co., Ltd.
Makoto Yamaguchi, Representative Director

Message from the Representative Director of the Dispatching Division

"To realize the ideals of everyone we are involved with"
We launched our Dispatching Division based on this idea.
Ideals of the customer, ideals of all our employees, ideals of the local community...
Contributing to the realization of these ideals through dispatched labor is our purpose and mission.
We will pursue our daily business activities with the aim of both supporting and being supported by everyone involved with our company.

Rideal Staff Shin-Yokohama Co., Ltd.
Rideal Staff Sagamihara Co., Ltd.
Rideal Staff Fukuoka Co., Ltd.
Yuya Haruki, Representative Director

Business Overview

Dispatching Business
Our sales representative asks in detail about local rules, which differ between companies, and places optimal talent with a deep understanding of the needs of each company. By using our services, you can plan recruiting more effectively. See more+
Solar Cell Business
We handle polysilicon and silicon materials for solar cells (top and tail, ingots, pot scrap), and materials relating to solar power generation. See more
Semiconductor Business
We handle silicon wafers as well as bare wafers, dummy wafers with no particle guarantee, and odd-lot inventory such as SOI wafers. See more
Amusement Event Business
We organize a wide range of events and projects to attract visitors in connection with commercial facilities, and local events and festivals, primarily in Sapporo, Hokkaido. These include many play equipment events, often featuring soft play equipment that is very popular among both adults and children. See more